Battle Arena Melbourne 6 2014

BAM 2014 saw some of the best players in Australia competing in some of the most popular fighting games such as Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Killer Instinct and many more. 

Shadowloo Showdown 2013

The ups the downs, even if you don't understand quite what is happening you find yourself hyped up and ready to chant with the rest of the room. "OHHHHHHHHHHH" and "WOOOOOO" are among some of the common vocabulary you will need to survive.

On Thursday the 21st of March, I had my wisdom teeth removed from my face. At the moment, I am currently finishing my Uni degree and working on a few game concepts. Never having ever made a proper game in my life, I've started to read different books about game design and writing for games to help me on my way.

Thermaltake's Chao series of gaming peripherals has been known to boast not only top quality gaming gear but also adding a stylish fashion sense unique to the the series. The "Captain" model of the Dracco headset was designed in collaboration with professional gamer White-Ra of StarCraft 2 fame "to create a true refinement in sound catered for bringing out your best performance in eSports."

Mapping out LA Noire

A look at the structure and themes created by the Team Bondi title.

LA Noire is not a perfect game by any means. It's a bit buggy in some areas, some have complained about the pacing, gameplay and the usual gripes about the fact the game is open world but there's nothing to do.

But with all that, I still think LA Noire is one of the more well-crafted video game worlds, with great characterisation, a good storyline and some well-placed tropes combined to create an amazing game. 

Activision and EA Games unveiled their third iteration in their modern combat shooter series. Now the dust has settled I think it's time we took an assessment of their records and determine where we take their military career from here.

Battlefield 3 was a bit of a bust on EA's part and in no fault of EA. They marketed the hell out of it, even got internet video god and action sensation Freddie Wong to make a whole commercial for them. The game had a lot going for it and some people were trekking away from the Modern Warfare camp, but still MW3 was getting new sales and some people don't remember what it's like when they've been hurt before.

Diablo 3 was released a few weeks ago and had fans and newcomers alike drooling, with everybody waiting to get their hands on a copy of Blizzard's newest title.

Some gamers had been waiting over a decade for this game, others like myself had merely waited months. Finally release day came around, many gamers organised days off work. Others made schedules to allow themselves to get their hand on a copy.

Why we keep playing

There is a mild disillusionment I hear in friends and video game colleagues, when time slowly starts to drip like Salvador Dali’s sweat as he sunbathes on a hot pavement, why keep playing?

Why do we return day in and day out or only on the weekend due to our working week?

Do we play for nostalgia or do we play to keep it alive, hooked in to our consoles like digital life support machines, waiting for the last breath when the community turns on it’s beloved memories.

The rise of Notorious PiG, and how he defeated Mafia

Mafia sat waiting for PiG in the final having only lost 2 of the 8 games, in the upper bracket, that he played. Less than a month ago, Mafia took out the number on spot in the Grandmaster League, on the Korean server